The truth is, despite what anyone says: “I don’t want a boyfriend right now,” or the ever popular, “I’m emotionally unavailable right now,” even those girls who pretend to love being single, want to have someone that wants them, too.

As of now, I’ve picked this phrase, “I don’t want a boyfriend for a really, really long time.” And it’s true. I really don’t. But I agree with Sam Smith when he says, “This ain’t love it’s clear to see, but darling won’t you stay with me?”

At this age, I just want someone to have sex with whenever we want, and then crack the fuck out of each other afterwards. And then he’ll make me chicken nuggets in the morning and he’ll even kiss me goodbye. But we both know we can’t fall forever because neither of us wants that. But we both want someone. Just anyone to let us know , “Hey you’re good looking enough for me to enjoy for this period of my life, lets do this.” Just so we can share a little piece of something, anything, with another human.

Thought Catalog  (via being24)